Arriving in Getsemaní feels like time travelling as you encounter one of the Historic City Center’s neighborhood just a few steps from the walled city. Among its joyfull, noisy streets and squares you will find a blend of locals and travellers that come from all around the world, uncovering a bit of the caribbean’s history through colors, scents and flavors hidden in every corner.

Everything is possible there! Kids playing ball down the square, a couple of neighbors on rocking chairs chatting away at the front porch, a gang of old friends playing chess by the street, as if it were a timeless small town submerged in history where everyone knows each other and doors remain unlocked. As you turn the corner, suddenly a luxurious boutique hotel rises right next to a small craftsman shop or any other kind of small business like the corner grocery shop where locals stock up for the meal of the day, hostels full of backpackers, street food stalls and, surely, a couple of sleepy stray dogs that walk around and end up being pets for the entire neighborhood.

In Getsemaní, you can find the world’s most narrow street covered by a colorful sky, as well as the brave bronze spearmen that tell the story of Colombia’s independence feat from the Trinidad Square. Time has stopped for all of the ancient colonial houses that long for their absent owners and have been slowly resigned to become something different from the family homes they once were.

Within this magical setting and in one of its antique buildings with walls made of coral and mortar, the first Di Silvio Trattoria opened its doors in 2011 and has turned out to be a must for locals and visitors, since it is the perfect spot for spending memorable evenings while enjoying the best italian cuisine, gathering friends and family around the dinner table and creating happy memories filled with joy, where the main ingredients are conversation, affection and the bliss of sharing.

Don’t miss out on tasting some of our traditional italian delights with fresh, simple and universal flavors, as well as our eclectic and innovative creations that combine local ingredients on the best pizzas and pastas, in a place full of magic, history and local atmosphere.